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Why Homework Remains A Necessary Part Of The Study: The True Reason

Studying involves a lot more than just preaching to a class full of children for eight hours a day. Granted, the school system tries to be self-sufficient, but there will always be something lacking until students, and their parents do not take the initiative to learn. This is the primary reason education systems stress on the importance of homework, and why it is included in the school curriculum. If you have any more doubts, these reasons should clear them up.

The true reason homework remains a necessary part of the study

  • Homework is revision in itself. Revising what was taught in the class immediately is not always possible for the child due to a jam-packed schedule. Thus, homework enables the child to go home and at least go through what was discussed in the class, thus refreshing his/her memory and aiding a better understanding of concepts.

  • Additionally, homework improves the child’s access to various sources of knowledge, thus improving his grasp on the basics. Most assignments require the child to consult books and encyclopedias, or watch documentaries and discuss. Thus, the child goes through a process of learning furthered by a plethora of mediums.

  • It encourages independence in the students. Tackling assignments by themselves teaches the students to seek new horizons of knowledge, and not just the one textbook used in school.

  • It teaches time management. In order to present quality work to teachers, even if it is for grades, the child learns to manage his/her time, thus gearing up for higher education in the future.

  • It enables the child to prioritize. When the students have homework in bulk, and not much time to do it, they learn to segregate the work into parts, and tackling each in the appropriate time window. The tasks that contribute to a greater part of the grade, and are pressed for deadline take precedence over those that can be turned in later in the semester. Thus, the students learn how to classify tasks according to importance.

  • It helps the child to apply theories to real-life, especially where subjects such as science are concerned. Homework assignments require the child to make use of the theories taught in class and use them in situations in real life. This helps in engaging the senses and accessing the analytical chamber of the mind.

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