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How To Complete Your Homework Quickly: Best Advice For Kids

Parents and children struggle during homework time each night. In many households, it may seem like completing a homework assignment is more like a smoldering battle than a part of the educational process. Kids who want to complete their homework quickly should use some of the following tips. If the child is not old enough to implement these techniques, parents can always help them along.

  • Begin Early
  • As it approaches bedtime, children start to nod off. Sitting down and completing homework at night can result in a sleeping child. Instead, parents should have their children begin homework early. As soon as the student arrives home, they should sit down and begin homework. If they finish the homework, going outside or playing video games can be their reward. Doing homework early should be a routine that leads to lifetime good habits.

  • Throw Negotiations Out the Window
  • Children and teenagers will often try to negotiate their way out of homework. It is up to the parent to never give in to this technique. There are no excuses for putting a homework assignment off. If the student tries to argue, parents should reiterate that it is homework time and not engage in a discussion.

  • Give Them Structure
  • Children naturally want some structure in their lives. Knowing what happens during each part of the day gives them a sense of safety. It also ensures that doing homework becomes a habit for them. Parents should have particular times of day that are for dinner, homework and playtime. If this is hard to institute, they should write out the schedule and put it on the fridge. This allows the child to see what they should be doing and lets them know when playtime will arrive.

  • Rewards and Consequences
  • Random punishments and rewards are not effective at motivating a child. They need to know exactly what will happen if they do their homework. Parents can set up basic daily rewards like picking a television show or going outside. Likewise, they can determine new chores that the child will do if their homework is not completed. Once a reward and punishment is set, parents have to follow through on it. Children will not work toward a goal if they are uncertain that the reward will actually be given to them. Likewise, the child must learn that there will be consequences for not completing their homework. Once they learn that rewards and punishments will be meted out, they are more likely to get their homework done.

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