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How To Finish Lots Of Homework Quickly: A Great Strategy For Newbies

For all of you who are just starting high school, college or for some other reason suddenly getting a lot more homework, there are ways of doing all of this work more quickly than you may think. You just need to employ new strategies in order to make it go more smoothly and, therefore, more quickly. If you stick to this strategy, then you won’t have to worry about your homework taking as long anymore.


  • Always do your work ASAP
  • Do the easy stuff first
  • Focus on the work
  • Do projects in sections

Always Do Your Work ASAP

If you come home from school or class and do the work right away, then time cannot get away from you. Doing it as soon as possible is the best way to go just in case there are problems and because if you don’t then you are wasting time. Getting it done means less time procrastinating, and it will help you feel like you spent less time on it since you spent less time worrying about it. This is the first and most important step in the strategy.

Do the Easy Stuff First

It is always best to get out of the way all of the work that you know you can get through easily. If you excel at it, then go with that subject or assignment first so that it is done, and you can start to really focus on what doesn’t come as naturally to you. When working on the harder stuff just keep at it. You will get the answers it just might take a bit longer that the easy work did.

Focus On the Work

If you take a lot of breaks or time off from doing your work, then it will seem as if you are spending more time on it. You will think to yourself “I started working hours ago” when in reality you have only been actually working for a short time. Staying focused also helps you to move through it quicker than if you have distractions like music or the TV. Focus is important when it comes to your studies.

Do Projects in Sections

When it comes to big projects or long papers, you want to map out what you are going to do and when you will do it. Break it down. For example if you have a long essay due, start with research one day and writing some another and finishing the next. Having a schedule helps you keep to it and starting right away means getting it done in time to be early in case something goes wrong. If you do it last minute and your computer crashes then you are out of luck. Breaking it down also makes it less stressful for you than doing it all at once.

All of these things should help you greatly to improve the time you spend actually working. These suggestions should help you shave a good amount of time off of your work. This will give you extra time that you will hopefully use to study for tests or do something productive.

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