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Recommendations On How To Get Motivated To Do Homework

Maybe I should get the laundry done? Maybe the dog needs to go out? Just one more game and then I’ll get started on my homework…

If any of these statements sound familiar it may mean you are struggling to find the motivation to sit down and study. It could be that you are burnt out from many long months at school or it could mean that you just do not have the interest in a particular topic but no matter what the reason, a lack of motivation is hampering your progress with your studies.

When you are finding it hard to sit down and focus…here are a few tips to boost your motivation and get you on track to completing your assignments.

Design a study space

One of the primary reasons students struggle to get to their homework is that the place that they study is often the same place where they go to relax. There is a reason that many students choose to study in the library and that is because that space is dedicated to quiet and focus. When you find that it is becoming difficult to get to your homework try looking at where you typically work and then dedicate that space just to studying so that you will be focused and on task whenever you are there.

Establish time blocks

Pulling an all-nighter is fine when you are preparing for final exams but this is not a sustainable way to study and be successful. When you have regular homework assignments block off specific amounts of time to completing the assignments. When you schedule time for your homework it is easier to stay on track and complete the necessary work.

Reward yourself

Homework is exactly as the name sounds, its work! So, when you complete your job reward yourself for a job well done and go have some fun. Take some time away from your studies and buy yourself a treat, play a game or go visit with friends. These tiny rewards help keep us on track and give us the motivation to get the next assignment done.

Homework is a necessary by product of going to school but with just a few tips you can rejuvenate yourself and stay motivated to complete the assignments. So, establish a place to work, schedule studying in blocks of time and reward your successes when you complete your assignments.

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