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Tutoring Services: How To Tell A Pro From An Amateur

When you first joined high school, you were very excited. You thought that all the courses will be easy and that you will not need any help to complete your assignments. As the time passed, everything became more and more difficult. Your professors have high expectations and you don’t want to let them down. If you decided that it’s time to get some assignments assistance, you have to be able to make the difference between a professional tutor and an amateur:

  • See if you can find someone that you already know. Maybe your colleague worked with a tutor, or maybe your professor is tutoring in his free time. Either way, it’s always better to work with someone that you know. You feel comfortable with them and you will not be shy to tell them that you did not understand an exercise.
  • Search for announcements in the newspaper. Usually, homework helpers who search for clients in the newspaper are more honest and more straightforward with their requirements. Besides, you will not have to talk with them on the internet, you can just go and meet them with your parents. Many times you don’t know who is hiding behind a screen.
  • Take a look at the prices. You have to know what are the general prices for tutoring services so you can tell who is genuine and who is not. A real professor will ask for a fair amount, because his time is valuable and many students want to collaborate with him. On the other hand, a beginner or amateur will ask for only a few bucks per hour, anything just to attract clients. Your study is very important, so don’t mess up your grades for a small amount of money.
  • Search the name of the tutor that you like. Once you find a professor that seems suitable for you, try to find out more about his experience. Don’t ask him directly, but search for his name on the internet. In only a few seconds you will find out if his name was mentioned anywhere else, if he collaborated with other students or if someone had an unpleasant experience with him. Naturally, his profile will also make a huge difference. A trustworthy person will not have any problem to add a few pictures and a history of employment.

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