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What If I Pay Someone To Do My Homework: The Chances To Get Caught

How possible is it that your deal with a writing service gets found out? That’s a question asked by every student who buys papers online. Keep reading to learn more about the common risks of homework help and what you can do to avoid problems.

  • Plagiarism (either intentional or unintentional) by your writer.
  • Theoretically, your writer can take the work of others to pass off as his or her own, or simply fail to cite properly, which is also viewed as plagiarism by most instructors. However, in practice, this paper will almost certainly not reach you. Every piece submitted by writers in a homework service is checked by their editors for multiple issues, including plagiarism. If a certain percentage of the paper appears to be unoriginal, they return it to the writer to be revised. For a second occurrence of plagiarism, a writer can be fined 100% of the order’s price or even get fired. Reliable homework services have zero tolerance for plagiarism, as it is considered a huge offense in the academic world. Not until your paper is found to be original will a writing website forward it to you, often with a free anti-plagiarism report so that you can be sure.

    Not fully convinced? Run your own anti-plagiarism check on the paper once you receive it from a homework service. Free automatic checkers are easy to find online. Use any anti-plagiarism tool you trust. If you discover plagiarism in your paper (which is hugely unlikely) and the homework service you’ve used has a money-back guarantee, you can claim your payment back.

  • Violation made by a writing service.
  • A dishonest writing service might re-sell you a paper it has done for another client. To avoid getting into such a situation, take your time to do some online research and select a reliable company. Trustworthy homework services produce every paper from scratch, so there is zero possibility that your instructor’s anti-plagiarism check will discover any papers matching yours.

  • A meticulous look by your instructor.
  • Your paper might simply be too good to have been written by you… or so you fear. Even if it actually is, your instructor is very unlikely to spot it. He or she has lots of other student papers to check in scarce time. Furthermore, even if your tutor does suspect that your assignment has been written by another person, he or she has no reason not to give it the mark it deserves. Suspicion is not a valid reason.

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