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Dealing With Preschool English Homework: 8 Points To Keep In Mind

Dealing with your children’s schoolwork is difficult at any age, but preschool English homework comes with it’s own special set of issues. Luckily, we’ve put together eight important points to keep in mind when you need to help you preschooler with their English homework.

  1. Remember that preschoolers have short attention spans
  2. Small children have especially short attention spans. So, try to schedule a few short work sessions with breaks in between, instead of one long homework session. This will help your child focus properly, and stop them from getting too tired to work.

  3. Find a good place to work
  4. An appropriate spot in which to do homework is vital, so try to find a quiet, comfortable spot where you can work with your child. Make sure that it’s well lit, well ventilated, and has chairs and a desk to work at.

  5. Build a routine
  6. Children thrive on routine, so creating a routine around doing schoolwork is important. Choose a time of day that suits you and your child, and stick to it. If your preschooler realises that you stick to the routine no matter what, they’re less likely to put up a fight when it’s time to work.

  7. Encourage your child to do something physical between sessions
  8. As mentioned above, it’s important that your child takes breaks between work sessions, and the best way for them to spend their breaks is to do something physical, as it will improve their concentration later. So, encourage them to play a sport or simply play outside.

  9. Prepare yourself for each session
  10. You need to be prepared for each schoolwork session, so make sure you read through the assignments for the day and gather all the materials you’ll need. If you’re well prepared, the whole session will run more smoothly.

  11. Try to keep your child engaged with the work
  12. It may not always be easy, but keeping your child engaged with their English homework is important. They’ll learn much more if they’re interested in the work, and they’re less likely to cause a fuss when it’s time to work.

  13. Make sure your child gets enough sleep
  14. A sleepy child is not going to be able to concentrate properly, so make sure your preschooler gets enough sleep. In addition to improving concentration, sleep helps to move information from short-term to long-term memory, so it really is vital to your child’s ability to learn.

  15. Remember that preschool children should not get too much homework
  16. A little homework is appropriate, but preschool children are quite young and much of their learning should still come from play. So, speak to your child’s teacher if you’re concerned about how much work they’re assigning to your child.

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