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A Guide for Parents: Do Kids Have Too Much Homework

Kids often come home from school with three-four hours of homework almost every night. Parents have duties to help their kids with homework. Many parents argue that it is too much for both them and the students, especially considering the time they spend in class. In truth, students, parents, and educators have discussed the homework issue for more than a century. Students get tired after midnight homework sessions, while their parents spend lots of time trying to control their kids. Some parents prefer family activities instead of solving math problems together and checking essays for mistakes. Additionally, the educational gap between middle class and low-income families is increasing since the former have better resources to help their children.

Homework and Science: Things to Keep in Mind

Cognitive studies have shown that children have unique brain structures that help them solve different problems and memorize a lot of different facts and concepts. However, if they do not add new knowledge to old information, they cannot remember it in the long run because they cannot concentrate for long periods of time. Therefore, educators should build a bridge that provides a special structure to hold information. Another important moment is to block out distractions and do homework in a silent and comfortable place.

Homework and Grades: Do Students Perform Better?

The best way to learn something is to do something. Doing homework helps students have more practice and therefore improve their skills, gain new knowledge, and prepare for tests. Most studies show that homework is an effective tool to improve test scores and overall student performance. However, it is more effective for high school students, while elementary school students do not demonstrate noticeable improvements in test scores.

More or Less Tasks: How Much Homework Is Enough?

In general, it seems that students need more homework as they move to high school, and less while they are in elementary school. It is also interesting to note that every child has his or her perception of why it is necessary to do homework. If parents and educators have clearly explained why homework is useful for children, students demonstrate a better attitude towards doing their homework. They also try to organize their time better in order to complete all the assignments before the deadlines and reserve some free time for extracurricular activities. However, parents should determine whether their children have homework overload. A simple ten-minute rule can help them figure out how much homework is enough. A child should receive ten minutes of homework per day, multiplied by his or her grade level.

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