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Homework Should Be Banned: The Main Pros And Cons

Are you trying to work out if homework should be banned, but are not sure what stance to take on the subject? Then it is worth considering the pros and cons of the getting work at home so that you can make an informed decision. When you have all the facts in your possession coming up with the right decision might be a straightforward process. With that thought in mind, read on for the top advantages and disadvantages of homework.


To see why home based projects are a good idea read the following points:

  • Limited class time: there is only a limited number of hours that students are able to do work whilst in class. With some projects there might not be enough time in class. This means doing work at home is the only choice.
  • Exam preparation: by doing a lot of work at home a student has the ability to prepare for an exam so that they get a top grade. Without a home based preparation getting the top grade might be too difficult.
  • Broaden horizons: in class the work might be pretty specific to the syllabus. However, at home a student has the freedom to explore other topics in a way that is of interest to them. This is highly advantageous for the development of a student, because it allows them to figure out what is of interest to them.


To get a balanced view of homework take the following cons into account:

  • Depression: some students will get overwhelmed by the amount of work that they have to do at home, and this will cause them to get feelings of depression. It is very unfortunate when this happens and perhaps removing home based work can avoid this.
  • Difficulty: some projects might be too difficult to tackle for the average student, therefore keeping them to class is the best policy.
  • Lack of time for hobbies: a student should have the time to play sports and enjoy hobbies. When there is too much homework then that can leave no time for a balanced lifestyle, which can be a problem.

Here some basic pros and cons of home based work, and it should help you make a decision on if it should be banned.

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