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Homework Guidelines For 3rd Grade- 10 Points To Consider

One of the hardest things that a parent has to deal with is getting their third grader to do their homework. With all of the changes to the curriculum since most of us were in school, it can sometimes be hard to give them the help that they need. Here are some ways to help you child succeed in completing their homework.

  1. Make sure that you child has a planner
  2. You should get your child a planner that they can write all of their assignments in. You should look at their planner every day to make sure that they are completing their assignments on time.

  3. Encourage him to take notes in class
  4. Encourage your child to copy what the teacher has on the board so that they can effectively complete their homework. You can read the notes to help them complete the assignments.

  5. Show your support by being there when they need you
  6. Let your child know that you are there for them and will help them if they need it. They should know that you will take the time to help them as much as you can.

  7. Set up a distraction free working space
  8. Make sure that your child has a quiet and distraction free place to complete their assignments.

  9. Create a routine
  10. Create a routine where your child knows that they will need to work on their homework. Have them do it right when they get out of school before dinner or whatever works for you but try to make it the same time every day.

  11. Attend any meetings
  12. The school may promote meetings that teach you how to complete the problems the new ways of doing the problems.

  13. Check their work
  14. Make sure to check your child’s homework to see if they have completed it and if the answers are correct.

  15. Have them rework problems they miss
  16. If they come home with work and things are not right, have them rework the problems they got wrong so that they can work on correcting their mistakes.

  17. Find additional resources
  18. Find additional resources to help your child. There are so many apps and sites that they can use to learn about all sorts of topics.

  19. Get them a tutor
  20. If they are still struggling, get them a tutor who will work with them one on one, so that they get the help that they need.

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