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Great Advice On How To Stop Procrastinating On Homework

The Internet is full of advice on how to stop procrastinating. Interestingly enough they are addressing all the age groups. It is a common problem regardless of whether you are studying, working or being an artist suffering an inspirational crisis. Learning how to avoid procrastinating in childhood can save you some time in the adulthood.

Let’s consider some practical tips able to benefit children in their daily struggle over homework.

  1. Skip the blank page.
  2. Psychologists usually advise to skip the beginning of a task and jump into the middle of it to avoid getting stuck. If your kid has a big essay to complete try to make him or her write down the short ideas of how to go about the assignment. There is no need to put thoughts in order at this stage or to think of formulations and long sentences. Your child only needs to plunge into the task to get brain hooked up on the topic and work out the desire to keep going.

  3. Have breaks.
  4. What can be even more difficult than studying is to say goodbye to friends on social networks, stop texting on phone or playing a favorite computer game. There can be hundreds of reasons why not to do what needs to be done. Leaving behind all the amusements for hours can only decrease the motivation. Negotiating with oneself and compromising on small pauses will do the trick. The children need to schedule the exact time of their breaks and make sure that the amount of work they have planned to do in between is completed.

  5. Get prepared beforehand.
  6. The place your children study at should be clean and put in order. No books or random toys should draw their attention away. Prepare all the stationary they may need. Make sure your children have taken all the books from their bags and have all the required tools prepared before starting. The way through a kitchen or a living room in search of a pen, marker or a ruler can turn into a great temptation of watching TV or snacking on some chocolate cookies.

  7. Encourage positive thinking.
  8. Long talks do not help work to get done. Do not suppress your children personality by making them stop discussing their feelings – simply limit it. Five to ten minutes of grunting can help release the negative emotions and help become ready for new achievements.

  9. Stay supportive and tolerant parent.
  10. Try to make school routine interesting, creative, and challenging. In the long run the children will learn how to stop procrastinating and find their own ways to get the work done fast.

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