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What If I Need Somebody To Help Me With My Algebra Homework: A Quick Fix

  1. Prioritize your homework.
  2. Each time you sit down to work, number all of your assignments in the order that you want to complete them. You may start off slowly when you begin your homework, increasing speed and focus in the middle, and then winding down near the end, in which case you want to set up your assignments so that you do the easier tasks first, followed by the most difficult, and then the easier tasks at the end. Other students start off with intense focus and speed, but then wane near the end. In this case, you want to start off with the most difficult tasks and then build up to the easier tasks at the end. Find a way that works best for you, and then start to set up your homework based on that priority schedule. Be realistic about the goals that you set for finishing homework.

    How can you tell if your goals are realistic?

    First and foremost, trust your gut. As you write out your goals, you will know deep down whether finishing an entire twelve page paper is conceivable on the night that you also have a science lab report and vocabulary to learn. The reason you want to set reasonable and reachable goals is so that you can meet them. Each small goal you set and meet motivates you to do more. It gives you a sense of motivation and pride. But if you continually set goals and fail to meet them, then you will only start to lose trust in your skills and your motivation will drop. So set reasonable goals and regularly check your progress.

  3. Set up a workspace
  4. It is often helpful to work in the same space each night. In this space you should keep all of the supplies and the materials you need to work. This space should be quiet and have good lighting, but few distractions. Remember not to have television turned on, or a cell phone close at hand. If you need music playing in the background, make sure it is something classical or instrumental without words. Your brain will be distracted by the vocals in the background and you will end up wasting a great deal of time accidentally typing the lyrics or singing along rather than focusing on your work. Remember that anything you have in your work space should not be a distraction.

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